In a rapidly advancing technological world, more and more audio enabled channels between customers and companies are appearing. Footfall in shops is falling, online business is booming and everyone is asking themselves “How can we ensure high levels of customer experience in a shifting landscape?” 

Sounds generate emotions, emotions guide decisions

Nothing influences our decision making more than our emotions, and nothing influences our emotions more than sound. The vast majority of emotionally impacting information we receive throughout our lifetime comes to us via sound. By harnessing the medium correctly, we can influence customer decision-making to a greater degree than with any other medium. We can turn the unfamiliar into the familiar, the mechanical into the human and the “um’s” and “ah’s" into snap decisions.


Control the tone, frame the conversation

"It’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it." Tailoring your sound gives you full control over the emotional impact and delivery of your message setting the tone of the conversation with your customers.


Engage customers quick, wherever they are, whatever they’re doing

A well placed sound has the ability to capture our attention regardless of where we’re looking, what we’re doing or even what were thinking about. In the onslaught of impersonal and automated stimuli customers are faced with today, sound can be skilfully used to orientate customers, provide necessary context and set the framework for the conversation you want to have.



Music and sound provide us with a language that can be understood by everyone regardless of their nationality, age, background or belief system making it a powerful tool for brands trying to assert themselves on a global level or with a wider audience.