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  • Sound can be used to convey quick information to lots of people in large environments.

  • Sound is a safe, contact-free way to deliver a message, protecting employees as well as customers from unnecessary interactions.

  • It will help organisations cut down on the distribution of hand-held leaflets and other physical forms of information currently being used.

  • Gives better control over the tonality and emotional impact of the information, providing effective delivery whilst helping to insight a sense of calm, order and togetherness in this time of crisis.

  • Audio grabs attention and can be heard whether your talking, walking or on your phone. It doesn’t require you to be able to access a notice board, and is more inclusive to the young, old or visually impaired.

Help spread messages, not germs.

In light of the need to inform and remind the public of how best to protect themselves and each other from COVID-19, we have created these audio productions to be used freely by any organisation that is looking to inform their customers/members of public on ways to combat the spread of the Coronavirus. These clips can be played over tanoids and speakers in your public area or used as On-Hold messages for example.


Currently, organisations are creating physical pamphlets in order to educate the public and customers on how to stay safe. But there’s a better way to spread the message - through Audio Tailored Production. 


This is a fast evolving situation and guidelines will undoubtedly evolve over time as well.Our messages are based on the guideliines provided by the UK Government and World Health Organisation (WHO). We will do our best to ensure that the messages available on this site are up to date. However, it is the duty of whoever is using these audio productions to ensure that they are still relevant at the time they are using them. We cannot be held responsible for the interpretation of these messages.


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